Our team

An overview of who’s who in MCC.

Paul McCoy Senior Director/ Founder

With a desire to create films that make a difference, Paul founded MCC Media in 2004 after working with several national TV companies including Dream Family Network and the BBC. From there the business continued to grow and within a few years MCC had already won a number of awards including one at the prestigious Royal Television Society Awards (RTS). Paul now oversees the bulk of MCC’s projects often taking on a director’s role on film shoots.


Pamela McCoy Creative Director

As the wife of Paul and the mother arm of MCC, Pam is closely involved in the overall management of MCC Media and serves as the Senior Partner alongside Paul in bringing managerial decisions. Often chairing senior staff meetings, Pam works in a pastoral capacity in the business. Her background is in journalism in which she spent several years serving as a newspaper journalist in the North East of England.


David Mordey Head of Production

As Head over our editing team, Dave’s eight years of experience in the media industry has allowed him to make clear and insightful decisions and help bring a sense of direction and level-headedness to the creative atmosphere’s found in Production Companies. Hailing from an editing background, Dave’s client base has included such high profile organisations as the National Lottery, Endemol and the MOD.


Sarah Asbury Head of Sound /Editing

With sound often being one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of any film shoot, Sarah entered MCC with experience as a sound engineer and now works over the team at ensuring every area is captured correctly both on the set and back at the studio. Mainly seen in the editing department, she also is responsible for guaranteeing that subject matters are covered correctly to a client’s specifications.


Matthew Buck Senior Account Manager

Matthew is MCC Media’s first point of contact to our wide client base, forging good links and contacts with members of local and national government agencies. With a BA in Media Production, Matthew has the added advantage of being able to draw upon his experience in both business and media in order to be the perfect intermediary for our clients, helping them to establish project briefs that meet their needs and fit their budgets.


Aj Terry Assistant Producer

With extensive experience in the International broadcast Satellite Network, AJ took on the role of Assistant Producer and integrated well into the organisation using his strong personality and creative mentality, as well as his firm background in media production to bring a new creative strength to the team. Now responsible for the research, planning and logistics of each film shoot, AJ ensures each aspect of a project is carefully planned and delivered to meet our client’s needs and specifications.


Corey Knowles Copywriter / Chief Editor

As the newest member of our team, Corey joined MCC Media back in early 2010 as part of the company’s continued expansion and found his feet quickly. With a background in Advertising, his keen eye for detail and natural flair in creative writing led him to become the company’s main copywriter. Currently responsible for overseeing scriptwriting, editorial consultation and layouts, Corey also lends his experience to general project design within the business.